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TRAILO British Champs

passo l'info ricevuta dal angloticinese John Kewley, factotum della gara

British Trail Orienteering Championships 2012 – March 17/18, possibility for training on Fri 16th as well.

Terrain: Newborough forest on the Isle of Anglesey: forested sand dunes (as is Tentsmuir)

Map: 1:5,000 2.5m contours ISOM (same basic spec as Tentsmuir)

Sat: a 2/3 length Trail-O course designed as a model for the following day plus (hopefully, subject to some felling that is going on and is the reason the permissions decision has been delayed) a short course comprising only A flags (or maybe only Z flags … or maybe some of each!)

Sun: British Trail-Orienteering Championships. Elite class only, all welcome, UK and otherwise)

Note there is a bridge from mainland Wales to the Isle of Anglesey

aggiungo io:
eventuali news sul blog di John
terreno molto rilevante per i WTOC scozzesi (dune)
ma il tracciatore non è per niente rilevante per i WTOC… 
(diciamo che John ha uno stile di tracciamento un attimino più scandinavo rispetto all'accoppiata Parker-Keighley, artefice dell'ormai famigerato 'wreck' 🙂

Zaragoza-Valencia by bike

6 giorni in bici tra Aragona e Comunità Valenciana
nebbia, sole, neve
sterrate, salita, paesaggi notevoli
menu del dia e alloggi a prezzi ridicoli
ciclabili fantastiche (soprattutto la VIA VERDE OJOS NEGROS su una ex ferrovia)
mappe pessime, mappe buonissime, gps, fantasia

più che il freddo e la neve mi han disturbato gli orari spagnoli:
prima delle 8 impossibile fare colazione,
prima delle 14 impossibile pranzare

e a Gennaio alle 18 è già buio, quando sei nel pieno della tua giornata ciclabile…

day 1 – Zaragoza – Lagata
46.03 km  + 500 m dislivello*

day 2 – Lagata – Utrillas
61.76 km  + 650 m dislivello*

day 3 – Utrillas – Teruel
75.0 km + 450 m dislivello*

day 4 – Teruel – Venta del Aire

52.39 km + 300 m dislivello*

day 5 – Venta del Aire – Segorbe

68.16 km + 50 m dislivello*

day 6 – Segorbe – Valencia
63.0 km + 50 m dislivello*

* in salita



solutions to the TRAIL-O WINTER TRAINING
if you missed it, you can find the WINTER TRAINING here:



A Winter training for the all the italian and internatonal friends of the Trail-O community (growing stronger and stronger every year):

-There are 10 controls

-This is an AZ training (A or Z) … the so-called Alitalia style (AZ is Alitalia IATA Code :- )

-You can download here the map (1:4000, 300dpi, A5 format) and the 10 pictures of the controls (painted flags on a Google Maps Street View background)
(1,3 MB)

– To answer, as in a normal competition, you can (you have to…) move yourself with Google Maps Street View, to have different views of the area

– This is the Street View link of the starting triangle (FYI we are in Piazzale Van Gogh, Roma, Italia):

– Solutions posted here after January, 20th, I don’t collect answers, anyone can check their own.

– Thanks to Orsa Maggiore Roma for letting me use the map! 
  Fontana Candida map (of course a Rem Map) was used earlier this winter for an urban sprint

num3ri 2011

-Gare 2011-

59 C-O

 26 Italia (di cui 4 in Lombardia)

 33 Estero



8 Italia

21 Estero


-Organizzazioni 2011-

2 C-O    (Roma)

4 TRAIL-O (Roma – Lignano – Milano)